Bay of Fundy / Campobello Island

They Bay of Fundy is known for the highest tides in the world and the many whales you will find here.

Frankling D. Roosevelt had his summer camp on Campobello Island, in the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, Canada. His wife and his children used to spend the summers here and he would join for about a week whenever his schedule allowed him to do so. He would take the train from Washington D.C. to Eastport, Maine, and take a boat from there to jump over to Campobello Island. Campobello had four big hotels back in those days and was a holiday resort for wealthy people from Northeastern USA. Today, the Roosevelts home is part of Campobello National Park. His cottage is open to the public.

Today, still many summer camps are located here and some people even live on Campobello Island. It is a laid back island that is absolutely beautiful – the most beautiful island in my opinion. There are a few places to stay on the island and places for weekly rental. You can also play a round of golf here at the 9-hole golf course just above Herring Cove. Bicycling, whale watching (at no other place in the world will you see as many whales as here), swimming and hiking are other things you can do here.

You can get to Campobello either by driving across the international bridge at Lubec, Maine. Or you can take two ferries from the Canadian mainland in summer.