Traditional North America

For international tourists who would like to explore the United States, Maine is the perfect place to go. You may think that you should visit tourist areas like New York, San Francisco and Florida first. However, most of the United States is rural country.

You will find smaller cities here like Bangor or Ellsworth where you find all the classical American restaurants and stores. There is no need to go to the above mentioned tourist places if you want to do shopping – you can do it all in Maine, too.

The mixture of these cities with the wonderful nature and the border with Canada will make your vacation unique.

Quebec City is a city that is a lot different from anything else you will discover in North America because of the French influence. If you are interested in the first French settlers in North America, Maine is also the place for you to go. There are many museums and sights to see. The first French settlement in North America was on St. Croix Island, Maine.