How Nova Scotia almost became part of the USA

I am glad, Nova Scotia is a Canadian Province. Nova Scotia has its charme and maybe, if it were American, it would be more crowded. However, in 1776 it was not so clear, that Nova Scotia would remain a loyalist area and therefore, later become part of Canada.

loyalists 199x300 How Nova Scotia almost became part of the USAFrancis Legge, Governor of Nova Scotia, had sent a letter from Halifax to the American General George Washington. He suggested, that the American Continental Army invade Nova Scotia as soon as possible. The American Congress then decided to allow Washington to look into a possible invasion. However, the United States quickly dropped their aim to get Canada to join the Rebellion against Great Britain. There was not enough support.

Governor Francis Legge was unpopular with Nova Scotians. He challenged the local oligarchy with his attempt to audit the province’s accounts. In 1776 he was recalled to London due to complaints by locals.

“Nova Scotia ultimately attracted 30,000 American Loyalists, one-tenth of which were fleeing African slaves.¬† Of the slaves, one third eventually resettled in Sierra Leone.¬† White Loyalists moved to Canada to flee the abuse of Patriot neighbors, African slaves came to British Canada in order to gain freedom from their Patriot owners.” –

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